Our Story

Welcome to ParMana! I launched ParMana in 2012 with the hopes of combining my passion for design and my love and care for humanity.

As a child I spent the majority of my time with two things – playing outside with the neighborhood kids (I was a bit of a tomboy) and doing anything and everything related to art. As I grew older, my love for art never faded, but I perceived it as more of a hobby than a career per say.

After I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Psychology and International Peace Studies, I found myself naturally drawn to the nonprofit field.

Later, I had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director of a nonprofit community center in Baltimore City. Here, I started a youth development program with a mentoring component for disadvantaged children in the neighborhood who faced poverty, violence, unstable households, a failing school system, drugs and so much more on a daily basis.

There are countless statistics on how an "at-risk" child's resiliency rate significantly increases when they have at least one caring adult role model in their lives. However, nothing is more telling than looking into a child's eyes who has discovered their wings for the first time.

Simply by having someone believe in them, children are able to believe in themselves and find an empowering sense of self-awareness, which is not only life changing for the youth but in turn creates lasting and powerful changes within society.

My journey continues and I have tried to incorporate as much of my story into ParMana’s ethos:

+ We are mission driven business rooted in community building. Love and care for humanity is at the heart of all we do.

+ We ethically hand-make all our items in the USA

+ We donate proceeds from every sale. WITH EVERY PURCHASE ONE AT-RISK CHILD IS PAIRED WITH A CARING MENTOR (via our amazing mission partner - Sister's Circle)

+ We follow environmentally friendly business practices

+ We partner with local businesses as much as possible to create US jobs and strengthen our communities

I launched ParMana with the hope to inspire and to empower people. It's not about changing the world. It's about changing yourself - the only thing you are truly in control of. Society is merely a mirror of what lies within the hearts and minds of it’s people.

It starts with you, but our roots are forever intertwined making us a collective humanity. It's about finding your wings so you can live free and awaken the humanity in and around you.

That's what ParMana is about to me. All our items tell a story - about my life, about all our partners and our communities, about the children and mentors, and now yours . . . it's up to you to write the next chapter in our story.

Thank you for carrying on the love,
Sarah Tarighi Murphy

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