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If you are reading this, you most likely connected with ParMana at some point on our journey through the handbag industry, home decor, vintage items, or our baby product lines.  All along the way, we strived to center the heart of our business on community building by sourcing and manufacturing domestically, partnering with local businesses, utilizing environmentally friendly materials and practices, and donating a percentage of the proceeds to a local nonprofit agency.

For those who are just joining in now, I'm like the eccentric friend/neighbor/cousin/colleague that has crazy pie in the sky ideas. At first you think that's  impossible but then after I recant and show you the hundreds of pages of research (I'm totally a researching geek) and map an outlandishly colorful plan, you are just intrigued enough to give it a chance. Then I take you on some scenic back roads and we blaze a path anew trusting in each other's instincts that we are going the right direction. 

So here we are at another crossroads. After much reflection (and cocktails, sleepless nights, journaling, and induction into motherhood) I have come to realize how fleeting time really is and how important it is to spend it doing what you love. 

I launched ParMana to bring a sense of community back into people's lives because I believe that it is the key to resolving most of today's complex problems. However, I found my time overwhelmingly consumed by sourcing materials, finding manufacturers, overseeing production, and executing our sales and marketing plan, which left little space for active community building.

I've decided to change all that but I need your help. I'm turning ParMana's business model on its head. Community touches every part of our lives from what we eat, wear, say, think, and do. So I want ParMana to do the same thing. Ambitious and unconventional I know, but beautifully organic in its design. 

While soul searching I found that I'm a maker and discoverer. I love creating things with my hands and exploring innovative ideas that improve, enrich, and connect my life with others. 

I want to share my experiences with you via videos about anything from DIY up-cycled home decor to food to meditation, thought provoking quotes and readings, blog posts, fashion, good eco buys, and anything and everything I think would enhance our lives and unite us as a community.  

Most of all I want you to be involved. I want to know what you think about what I'm sharing and I want you to share your knowledge, too. There are countless amazing people and groups doing extraordinary things.  We can make ParMana a platform; a common ground we all seek; a true community. 

The world has never been more connected via communication and information yet paradoxically so disconnected from what really matters - people, relationships, humanity. 

It's time to make a change. Let's go it together.  Let's call our audacious new adventure LIVEstyle.  Well, because life is a verb so let's live it. 

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